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Peace is a qualitative energy that emanates constantly from the One imperishable source.
By its very nature, it automatically puts things and people into balanced order.

Peace Cottage is a reservoir of positive vibrations and vital resources,
one of which is peace in its purest form.

Peace is inner silence filled with the power of truth. Peace consists of pure thoughts, pure feelings,
and pure wishes. When the energy of thought, word and action is balanced, stable and non-violent,
the individual is at peace with the self, in relationships, and with the world.
By opening the window of inner self, individuals are able to clarify
and pinpoint destructive attitudes and behavior

  May all beings find happiness,
 May all be free of disease, darkness & delusion
 May all see what is auspicious,
 May no one suffer,
 OM peace, peace, peace.

Ultimately, when all minds are focused and stabilized on the ONE imperishable source of peace and synchronized throughout the world, the reverberation of peace emitted from the silence will echo,
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