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Clean the body, Clear the mind, Capture the spirit for experiencing Peace, Joy and Harmony.Let your beauty glow !
Detoxification is a basic principle of holistic living aiming at elimination of the toxins thanks to specific vegetarian organic food, yoga exercises and holistic therapies.
These core programmes include accommodation, holistic food (vegetarian organic), intense daily detox
plan as well as an excursion in the backwaters or at Lake Periyar and cultural programmes
(dance, kathakali, classical vocal and instrumental music etc).

Discover the wonderful teachings of holistic science.
Stress management, Holistic Cooking, Relaxation for a better sleep. Holistic Living Programmes include accommodation, holistic food, and a daily yoga session,
1 evening lecture about holistic science-see topics hereunder. Upon your request,
we can also include a daily holistic session to make your stay even more intense.

The Holistic Science & Living (Briefing on the Aim & Benefits of Holistic Living)
Exclusive Yoga Session (Designed to improve Immune System & Overall Well- being)
Breathe Better to Live Better (Techniques & benefits on Pranayama)
Destiny -The Law & Power of Thoughts (How our thoughts manifest in our day-to-day life)
The Simple way of Meditation (Benefits & techniques of meditation)
Stress Management (Different ways to combat Stress)
Holistic Diet (Basic Concept about Holistic food)
Cyclic Meditation (Special way of meditation involves Postures, Breathing & Awakening)
Yoganidra (Exclusive Session for Relaxation)

A life changing experience
A first experience for people who don’t know about the benefits of holistic lifestyle. In one day or a week end, we offer you the essence of holistic living (food, consultation, yoga and holistic session). Experience an integral wellbeing in a soothing holistic atmosphere, a path to a deep inner transformation.
A deeply healing moment
Thanks to our knowledge and experience in holistic therapies we have extremely effective programmes
that will help the body to recover in case of various serious ailments.
Upon study of a complete medical file, we prepare with love a special personalized programme
and dedicate our special attention and care to our guest.

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