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Holistic living should aim at the well-being of man at all these five levels of existence
(Physical, Vital, Astral, Intellectual, Bliss) for a life full of peace, joy & bliss.

The modern lifestyle with its attitude 'time is money' plays havoc with the delicate mechanism of the body,
creating total chaos because of constant stresses, strains, pollution, inappropriate diet,
lack of proper mental and physical exercise, over-dependence on quick-fix health solutions,
and a wrong mental attitude. These lead to slow but sure breakdown in the body and the mind.

Our endeavour is to provide you THE ART OF HOLISTIC LIVING to rectify the harmful after-effects of this imbalance through detoxification, rejuvenation, revitalization and to bring vitality back to your body, mind and soul, thus returning you to the finely tuned orchestra of man, nature, and God. At Peace Cottage, we intent the perfect concoction for the holistic living: existing in perfect harmony and equilibrium with nature, imbibing its vital life forces and teaching the techniques of inner transformation.
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